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FoodSense respects your privacy. Any and all information collected at this site will be strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, loaned, or otherwise disclosed. A user who is registered in FoodSense Meals On Line is responsible for his/her registration name and/or password, for ensuring that the use of the same complies with the terms so stated herein.

You may change your password as you deem necessary or as often as needed to protect its confidentiality at all times. The confidentiality and security of your password is your paramount concern.


As a FoodSense registered user, you can order home cooked meals on line at very affordable prices. Our web offers you the following variety of choices:


Rice Toppings: Viand + Rice (in smaller portions)
Solo 1 & Solo 2: Viand + Rice + Free Dessert
Solo 3: Non-Rice Meal (Pasta, Salad or Sandwich)

Extra Orders:
Midnight Snack served only at 1:00 AM
Extra Dessert
Extra Rice

You may order the following offerings by clicking the ADD button on the menu.

In as much as we would like to achieve consistency, PORTIONING may vary on the kind of ingredients or raw materials available for use.

We also have what we call the Treat of the Month --- a special concoction or menu offering that gives you great value for money for a price of a solo meal. This offering happens once a month and it will be announced in advance through our website. This treat is actually posted as solo meal but its value is a real treat to those who will avail.

There will be a cut off period in ordering Treat of the Month. The menu will be posted in advance (initially in a two-week cycle) so place your orders four-working days before Treat of the Month. Just go to the Menu and add your choice of dishes to your Food Tray.

Example: July 2006 TREAT OF THE MONTH
               TOM Date: July 28, Friday
               Cut-Off Date: July 24, Monday

Please find the corresponding day of cut-off with the respective day of TOM :

Wednesday Monday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Wednesday
Saturday Thursday
Monday Friday
Tuesday Saturday

As a globalink employee, you are entitled to one subsidized meal per day. Pricing will be as follows:

Rice Toppings P 45.00 P 10.00
Solo 1 P 55.00 P 20.00
Solo 2 P 65.00 P 25.00
Solo 3 P 90.00 P 50.00
Midnight Snack P 50.00 P 25.00
Extra Dessert P 30.00 P 15.00
Extra Rice P 10.00 P 5.00

Your first order will be charged as subsidized meal, however, upon placing your next succeeding orders for solo meals, rice topping and midnight snack, you will be charged in full amount. But when you order extra dessert and extra rice, even in excess of one, the charged will always be subsidized, P15.00 & P5.00 respectively. Please check your order and account status before logging out from our web. If any discrepancy in amount charged to your order occur, please inform your administrative assistant or our customer service at once.

B. CORPORATE MENU is designed to cater company's meetings and official events. It comprises of the following choices:

Appetizers - variations of our very own fritters, canapés & salads made from the freshest ingredients.

House Specialties - our best-seller sandwiches, pastas & noodles prepared to satisfy your big appetite. Ideal for afternoon meetings or activities.

Main Entrées - FoodSense' classic dishes made from high quality meat, seafood & vegetable served with steamed rice. Ideal for lunch & dinner meetings or activities.

Desserts - Our famous and irresistible desserts which go perfectly with any of our meals. Everybody's favorite!

C. Ready-to-Eat & Ready-to-Use are classic viands, baked products, sauces, dressings, etc., that are packed and can be reheated for consumption and other usage



You may place your order before 3:00 PM each day or you may also place it in advance based on the monthly menu offering. You may change or edit your orders before the 3:00 PM cut off. Once the cut off passes, your order for that day will be considered CONFIRMED and shall be delivered at the specified place of delivery charged to your account.

Before you confirm your orders, please make sure that you select the correct delivery time.

Corporate orders may also choose from the Daily Menu offering, charged at full cost, with no minimum order required but only if an order has been placed from the Corporate Menu.

Ex. 1 Tray - Gambas Pasta P 1, 700.00 P 1, 700.00
(taken from Corporate Menu selection)
4 pcs. - Sausage Sandwich P 90.00 P 360.00
(Solo Meal 3 taken from Daily Menu selection)

If no Corporate Order has been placed from the Corporate Menu but instead chooses from the Daily Menu offering, a minimum total of 10 Main Meal orders is required.

Ex. 4 pcs. - Sausage Sandwich P 90.00 P 360.00
(Solo Meal 3 taken from Daily Menu selection)
1 pc. - Pork Steak P 55.00 P 55.00
(Solo Meal 1 taken from Daily Menu selection)
5 pc. - Bangus ala Pobre P 65.00 P 325.00
(Solo Meal 2 taken from Daily Menu selection)
Ex. 10 pcs. - Sausage Sandwich P 90.00 P 900.00
(Solo Meal 3 taken from Daily Menu selection)



Delivery time are as follows depending on your break schedule: 10:00 AM – 12:00 NN – 6:00 PM – 12:00 MN. Please do not forget to click the delivery time from the drop down menu.

Your orders will be dropped off by our delivery crew & will be received by your respective maintenance person. With the DROP OFF PROCEDURE our delivery crew will meet the maintenace person per building at the designated drop off point & at the designated time e.g. FGU (lobby area). They will count the food & check the quantity & correctness of orders with the generated distribution list for that building. When find correct, the maintenance person will receive the food by signing the distribution list. Maintenance Person will be in-charge in bringing the food to the pantry and in distributing the food to the employees. Another Maintenance Person may be required to help in distribution depending on the volume of orders. In case you will find no name in the distribution list provided, the maintenance or the employee may call FoodSense for order verification.

Please make sure that your database information is correct; otherwise, your order will not be delivered accordingly. In case there is a wrong entry in your database, please call the attention of HR or your Administrative Assistant and have it corrected immediately.

In case you did not receive your order for the day, please contact FoodSense Customer Service immediately or within 24 hours at telephone numbers: 772-4431 to 34 so that we can act on the matter immediately. Else, we will presume that you received your orders accordingly.

Should you have any other concern, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us or fill out the Feedback portion of our website.


Delivery time are as follows: 10:00 AM – 12:00 NN – 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM – 12:00 MN


Delivery time are as follows: 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM


FoodSense Meals On Line is only for your personal use. You will not use FoodSense Meals On Line for any commercial purposes. FoodSense grants you the exclusive right to use this site and the privileges that come herein. Such right is non-transferable and whatever transaction entered under your name will be considered valid and shall be charged to your account.

Cut-Off of Accounting will be followed accordingly. Schedule of deduction will be consistent with the regular payroll schedule. The cut-of may change during holidays and special non-working holidays.


You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account and for all activities that occur under your account. You hereby indemnify, defend and hold us and our affiliates and our officers, directors, owners, agents, information providers, affiliates, licensors and licensees harmless from and against any and all liabilities and costs incurred by the Indemnified Parties in connection with any claim arising out of any breach by you of this agreement of claims arising from your account.


FoodSense may terminate this agreement, or terminate or suspend your access to the FoodSense Meals On Line at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice. Upon such termination or suspension, your rights and privileges will immediately cease. Upon such termination or suspension, any information you have entered or stored on the FoodSense Meals On Line will be considered NULL and VOID.


The Terms and Conditions of use, including all documents referenced herein, represent the entire understanding between you and FoodSense regarding your relationship with FoodSense and supersede any prior statements or representations.

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